It’s Faire Game!

A wonderland of unique rides and games awaits you at the Bristol Renaissance Faire!

The rides are all “muscle-powered” with no electrical, gas, or motorized systems used.

For a small fee, enjoy these rides and games, for young and old…

  • Archery – Robin Hood’s Favorite!
  • Barrel of Bedlam – Climb into the barrel and spin and twirl
  • Butterfly RideEspecially designed for the Wee One
  • Captains Cannons – Daring you to fire your cannon to strike and sink the famous Pirate Ship!
  • Catapulting Frogs
  • Climbing Wall – Forty-foot castle wall to challenge the experienced athlete. Novice and mid-range walls are also available.
  • Crossbows
  • Crow’s Nest Ride – Spin and Twirl! Not for the faint of heart!
  • Da Vinci’s Flying Machine – Combining the strength of young people pushing the hub, with individual riders working the wings of their personal trams, this is a long-time Faire favorite ride.
  • Festival Escape AdventuresFOUR exciting puzzle rooms in two newly renovated locations near the Three Sheets Pub and the Midsummer Stage. Click Here to reserve your room!
  • Fight the Knight – once in a lifetime opportunity to suit up and partake in mock – and supervised – battle.
  • Giant Dueling Horse Slide
  • Giant Swing
  • Henry’s Darts
  • Histriker
  • Hurl and Twirl – Faster and faster and faster – not for the faint of heart. You control the speed, you control the action.
  • Jacob’s Ladder
  • Kid Striker
  • Knife and Axe Throw
  • Oaf Bag Toss
  • Petting Zoo
  • Pirate Darts
  • Shatter the Platter – Ever want to just break your mother-in-law’s pattern? Here is your chance!
  • Shipwrecked Jacobs Ladder
  • Star Throw
  • Vegetable Justice (Note: PG 13) – Not for the faint of heart!
  • Voyage to the New World – The English version of the German “Schiffschaukel”
  • – and don’t forget to dig for buried treasure in the Treasure Pit next to the Climbing Wall.

Rides, Games, and Attractions Owned and Operated by the Following Companies:

  • North American Carrousel and Best Case Scenario – Archie Peltier, Owner, and Producer
  • Ponies and Petting Zoo – New Beginnings Ranch
  • CliffHanger Climbing Wall and Treasure Pit – April and Bill Kerns
  • Children’s Fencing Games – Skip Marion Fox
  • New World Games, LLC. – Chris Schultz & George Mosher

Bristol Renaissance Faire Reviews

Loved it!!! We had a great time! The rides for kids were wonderful! – Africa Rainey

Great family fun every single visit! Plenty to keep everyone entertained and happy, from good food (must try the cheese balls and plentiful ice cream servings, good booze selections too), to shopping (jewelry, weaponry, and clothes), and most importantly rides/petting zoos/fantastical sites (people, things, etc). This has to be on everybody’s once-in-a-lifetime list, though my family will certainly continue to enjoy years to come. – Zakee Goliak

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