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New York Renaissance Faire Reviews

The fair is actually an entire town, a huge playground for adults with multiple spectacular events going on simultaneously. Half of the people are in very fancy costumes; there are Vikings, fairies, demons, and knights among all the more common medieval outfits. The shows are really entertaining, including horseback jousts, choreographed sword fights, sword swallowers, fire acrobats, medieval dances, music, singing. Lots of souvenir shops with items that could be personalized and good choices of food places. Busloads of young people participating in bar crawls. People of all ages, from kids to seniors, can find age-appropriate activities and have a lot of fun. – Natalia Hanson

Great place! Lots to do and see, a day goes by quickly! Employees are in great character and friendly! Cute shops and theme! Events galore too, jousting, human chess, and juggling are my thing! My close friends I was with showed me the NY one and we all loved it, we’d keep coming every weekend if could, better than wasting money on six flags or Hershey Park lol! Be ready to spend some cash on food and the like but the little coffee shops have a great and huge list of drinks! – Starstress Kitsune

I had my bachelorette party here and it was INCREDIBLY FUN!!! The crowd was so merry, the food was delicious, the events and shows entertaining! Everyone on the staff made sure we were having an incredible time. Definitely recommend the pub crawl!!! HUZZAH! – Alexandra Dowling

We were there 2 times and every time we had so much fun there. My advice is to be dressed for this place so you will feel the atmosphere. You have to taste yummy turkey leg and cider. There were a lot of short shows during the whole day. The final songs were incredible. This place is good for all ages. My kids love it a lot. – Oksana Ksyunya

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