Renaissance Pleasure Faire Reviews

OMG, I’ve never had so much fun in a place where I wouldn’t be judged for shouting Huzzah! So immersive, everyone seemed to take their jobs very seriously, and everyone took the entire experience seriously. No haters! The jousting was AMAZING. The actors were dedicated. I would love to actually just live there. – Sarita N.

The Renaissance Pleasure Faire is literally something I look forward to year after year it’s a shame that it’s only around 2 months out of the year but it just makes it that much more worthwhile I look forward to seeing everyone and everything again next year HAZAAA! – Jesse E.

We usually spend the entire day (in costume) enjoying the food, drink, especially the meat pies; shopping – the honey is great!- and the other fabulous costumes. My favorite event of the year! – Stan H.

Was so much fun. Lots of really authentic costumes as well as costumes that were just for fun. The food was great, drinks were amazing. Try the different flavors of mead if you can. I wanted to spend all of the money at all of the shops but I showed a little bit of restraint. The entertainment was amazing with lots of different shows. My favorite was the bird crew and I got to see some beautiful birds that were very well behaved. – Roxanne T.

A great event! I love when the Faire is in town. There are a lot of things to do here and a lot of great little shops to look at. It’s so fun to see people dressed up and reenact. There are plenty of shows and great food booths at well. You will not regret visiting The Renaissance Faire. – Jennifer M.

Always a good time seeing all the beautiful costumes and the merchants are always very nice. Plenty of activities, shows, music, and shops/booths to check out and of course, people watching. Highly recommended if you’re looking for a fun day outside of your normal routine. Bring friends or even go alone; you’re bound to meet fun people. Plenty of drinks and food as well. (They also have vegan food options!) – M. Rivera

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